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Jefferson Project Thor Duffin

Jefferson Project

Thor Duffin

Published November 1st 2010
ISBN : 9780615371276
513 pages
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 About the Book 

Sam Archer, a former Delta operative, who is now a civilian analyst with Homeland Security. He finds clues pointing to an impending terrorist attack. Although he is unable to stop it, in the process of trying, he uncovers something dark and even more threatening. On the brink of bankruptcy, political collapse, and possible civil war, the United States groans under the weight of its self-serving, corrupt government. Sam Archers son, David, a college student, is taking a political science class to fulfill a graduation requirement. When his teacher challenges the class to propose solutions to the nations problems, David and a few friends take him seriously. When they propose fundamental changes to the government, the elite in Washington push back, ultimately putting the students lives in imminent danger. Sam Archer must risk everything to keep his son alive, while trying to convince others of a danger that threatens to destroy the country.