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Grand Concourse: A Play Heidi Schreck

Grand Concourse: A Play

Heidi Schreck

Published June 30th 2015
ISBN : 9780810132573
144 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Shelley spends her days running a soup kitchen in the Bronx, her sense of purpose inseparable from her religious faith, though both have begun to waver. Emma, a college dropout looking for direction, arrives at the kitchen hoping to find it there. She brings a needed jolt to the place, helping a long-time client toward a new job, but her energy also proves unsettling. Even as Emma’s behavior grows steadily more erratic, Shelley still wants to believe in her, despite the mounting evidence that she shouldn’t. Shelley must finally ask herself how well she really knows the people she sees every day, how much she can trust them, and what she can and cannot forgive.