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Adventure in Industry Brian Spilman

Adventure in Industry

Brian Spilman

Published May 21st 2010
Kindle Edition
201 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

I hope this book will provide some idea of my experiences of working in the Weapons Systems Industry.Contrary to popular belief, well engineered military systems can be impressive and a source of pride to Company personnel as well as many onlookers. They have the potential to limit, rather than encourage the outbreaks of armed struggle between nations. If men are determined to fight, anything that comes to hand can serve as a weapon. Research into this area can bring about investigation that would not normally be explored under the usual limitations of industrial budgets, and can develop by-products which are of great benefit to mankind (e.g. Transportation safety: radar- Medical treatment and analysis equipment: optics/lasers/image enhancement. )An aeroplane, ship, land vehicle or well designed machine can provide just as much artistic pleasure as any picture or sculpture in a gallery.At the end of my time at school I was not sure what career I should take up, but through some circumstancial happenings I found an occupation that provided fulfilment, pleasure, comradeship, fun, as well as a lifetime of rewarding experiences, meeting, working with, and laughing with people from all over the world.My career has been a switchback ride, up, down, good, bad, but however bad things appeared there was always something to lighten up and laugh about. I have done things that I should regret. (but I dont) Nothing has ever been malicious and all has been tempered by fun, fair play, and conscience in the treatment of all that I have brushed shoulders with on my varied journey through my industrial life.